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Gurnee Child Support Attorney

Children are an important part of society as they will be the ones to build it in the future. However, they will need to be given all the support they need to grow from their parents.

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If their parents go their separate ways through a divorce, a father fights for paternity, or one parent gains custody, child support must be guaranteed at all costs.

Our Gurnee child support experts at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can help you understand the legal process of how child support can be established and computed. We can also help you modify it, especially if your child’s needs change as they grow.

Our expert and experienced family lawyers are ready to provide you with all the legal advice and resources you need to make the right legal decisions as the courts arrange the child support order for both parties to follow.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC at (847) 610-6791 for your Consultation with a Gurnee Child Support lawyer.

Child Support Calculation

In order to determine the amount of child support, the court will check both parents’ income and the costs of raising a child. Since each child is different, the court will consider what the child needs and the current cost of living to determine the estimated cost of raising a child.

child support 2 300x174 Gurnee Child Support AttorneyIn some instances, the courts can also look into extraordinary circumstances when computing the amount for child support. Otherwise, the amount will be within the state minimums listed in the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA).

Our Gurnee, IL family law firm can guide you through the child support calculation listed in the IMDMA to give you a rough estimate as to how much you can expect to receive or pay. We can also determine what factors will be considered for your Gurnee child support hearing so you can determine how to proceed to achieve the right amount of support for your child.

Child Support Enforcement

It is not always a guarantee that the parent assigned to pay child support will agree to the order or even abide by it in the first place.

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When it happens, you must report the issue immediately to the Gurnee Court Services Department’s Child Support Enforcement Division which can follow up on the order and ensure all parties follow it. This division is also tasked to deliver summonses, writs, subpoenas, and notices to withhold income for child support.

Our Gurnee child support legal team is ready to notify the court and the Child Support Enforcement Division if the other party does not abide by the child support order. We can also assist by applying for the child support order, like sorting out the payroll deductions and speaking directly with the other party’s bank to make automatic deductions as part of the order.

Child Support Modification

Many things can happen in a person’s life after the court orders a child support arrangement. In this case, the one providing child support can end up falling on hard times due to medical emergencies, employment changes, and natural disasters.

child custody 1 300x200 Gurnee Child Support AttorneyMeanwhile, the one receiving the child support may require more financial support because their child needs more support for their education, medical condition, and others. Whichever situation you are in, you must file for a child support modification request before the amount can be adjusted.

In Illinois, child support adjustments can be requested at any time. Any party can request it by filing a petition to the court that handled the original child support arrangement. The petitioner must write down the reasons why the order must be modified. The other party must also be notified if a request will be made regarding the child support amount. The court will then review the petition to see if it is a valid request before adjusting the amount based on the guidelines set by the IMDMA.

Speak to your assigned family lawyer to discuss potential modifications to your Gurnee child support arrangement. Whether you are seeking an additional amount for your child’s needs or you are the one providing support, we can help you file a modification request and argue for its approval in court.

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If you want your child to grow up as well-rounded individuals and productive adults, you need to ensure they get all the support they need from both their parents, even if you and their other parent are separating. As their parent, you also need to abide by the arrangements set by the court regarding your child’s support arrangements, whether you are the one providing it or the one receiving it for your child, because this support arrangement is meant to help your child.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Gurnee, IL family law firm today to learn more about the legal proceedings to secure child support for your child or get the order enforced or modified. We are always ready to provide you with legal support whenever you need it and help you protect your child’s future through these support arrangements.

Call Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC at (847) 610-6791 for your Consultation with a Gurnee Child Support lawyer.